The House of Yoga - Teacher Katiza Satya - 3


Pranayama – the 4th limb of yoga ‘Tasmin sati åvâsa-praåvâsayor gati-vicchedaï prâñâyâmaï’ ‘With effort relaxing, the flow of inhalation and exhalation can be brought to a standstill; this is called breath regulation’. The

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Practice of the month: Samavritti


Samavritti   Normally, when you’re not paying attention to your breath it is quite random, subject to all kinds of fluctuations according to your mood, your thoughts, the temperature around

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Sthira-Sukham Âsanam Asana is a steady and comfortable posture  In this New Year, may our life be Stable, Steady and Joyful! Asana is the third limb of the yoga sutras, after

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Isvara Pranidhana


Isvara Pranidhana (devotion to the divine) is the last of the Niyamas – the observances regarding personal life, from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Yoga practices in themselves can only take us part

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