Color your Yoga!

- By Marlene Smits Chakras are sacred energy centers that when open and balanced give us greater awareness, energy and health in our lives. Understanding and working with the chakras can

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Holiday Opening Hours


  King’s day Our studio is closed at King’s day (Saturday, April 26th). The 8am Vinyasa class on Sunday April 27th will be cancelled as well. We wish everyone a

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Pose of the Month: Sukhasana

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  by Tory Hyndman To practice discovering our own truths, this month’s practice is to self-enquire our thoughts, our usual mind stuff, and simply observe the feel of them. Sit

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Mysore starting in April


We are happy to introduce a full Mysore Astanga Yoga program at Delight Yoga. Astanga Yoga School Amsterdam will merge into Delight Yoga to offer the Mysore program starting on 31st of March at

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Delight Teachings of Yogic Life


From March 2014, we will be introducing Delight teachings on Yogic life, starting with the laws of nature towards yourself and others, the ‘Yamas and Niyamas’ from the 8 limbs

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